Wells Jones


21 Apr 2009

Wells runs the Angel Hotel in Cardigan. This hotel not only has a modern bar and restaurant but also a nightclub at the back too! The whole outlet has recently been refurbished by Wells. He is also about to take on a second tenancy in Cardigan with Brains.

"Before running the hotel & pub, I used to work in IT and helped to run our family hotel at the same time! As my parents had always had their own business, I followed in their path!

I really wanted to run my own place to have the freedom of running my own business, instead of being dictated to!

I wanted to take on another business on my own and decided to apply for the Angel Hotel in Cardigan. This business interested me as I wanted to be able to run a nightclub too.

The nightclub was great for someone of my age and when I decided to refurbish the whole hotel, bar and restaurant, I went for a really modern, clean look. This is my taste, but I also thought this would please everyone.

My hotel, bar & restaurant now stands out more than the other ‘traditional’ pubs in the area, as it’s far more modern and ‘up to date’!

I chose to work with Brains as they owned the Angel, plus my father was already in contact with one of the area managers. It’s really nice that they are a small brewery, who are more personal and not a big corporate company.

The BDM’s I work with are very good, they always listen, are very co-operative and try to help as much as they can.

I hope customers keep going into pubs. I really enjoy meeting different people, dealing with the day to day problems and satisfied customers make the job worthwhile!

I think I will be in this trade forever! I am just taking on another pub at the moment and hope to take on more Brains pubs in the future".

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