Bertha Lebrocq-Jones

Bertha Lebrocq-Jones


17 Apr 2009

"Running a pub is not just a job, it’s a way of life. You have to be 100% dedicated but you get out what you put in.

I've been involved in the pub trade for 29 years and have picked up a good following. People come because they like the food, the beer, the real ale and the atmosphere.

My drive is running the pub to the best I can and that's where the rewards come from. I create a reason for people to come to my pub, not to go anywhere else and to keep coming back. We run quiz nights, theme nights and anything else we can. The trade is out there, you just have to make it come to you.

We trade on quality, from the beer to the food, knowing that people expect a good experience. I advertise all the Brains Beers and take up all the promotions from the brewery — we are very much a team.

My Business Development Manager is exceptional and has really helped me. I’ve been working with Brains for a long time and still really feel part of the Brains family."

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