Christine and David Langley Evans

Pub Managers

24 Feb 2015

Having worked for a private operator for some years, we suddenly felt we needed to have a bigger backing behind us and Brains stood out from the crowd. A Welsh brand we began to notice everywhere around us and we were instantly attracted by what they had to offer. And we were not wrong!

11 years down the road we have had some of the best times in our lives working with Brains from winning awards to marrying guests, the rewards have been incredible! That's not just financial, the sense of pride and belonging to one of the countries biggest employers has been incredible but have to admit going up the Grand Canal on a private speedboat in Venice was a highlight of our lives we will never forget!

We have a strong work ethic and really want to do the best we can for our business. If that's you, you won't go wrong joining Brains.

Join our team and spread some passion.

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