Cerys Edwards

Cerys Edwards


23 Mar 2009

"I’ve been working for Brains for four years and see myself continuing with the company for many years to come. I first started working in pubs whilst a student to support myself and always enjoyed the social aspect of the job.

After graduating I moved back to North Wales and started working in hotel management, but I missed the buzz of the city and soon moved back to Cardiff. It was at this point that I realised the potential in bar work for personal development – particularly with Brains.

I have always enjoyed the emphasis the company places on training its employees and the way in which this motivates you to achieve your personal best. I find it very important to continue this style of management into the workplace, and greatly enjoy training my staff in every aspect of their job.

My position within the company is to ensure that my pub is running at the very best level it can be – which means that my work can be pretty diverse. I am involved in everything from co-ordinating menu changes to cooking for customers or interacting with them at the bar. It’s this front of house aspect I enjoy the most, especially on a rugby match day. Being so close to the Millennium Stadium means the atmosphere is electric when Wales play at home.

My best day at work has to be in 2008 when Wales won the Grand Slam. The pub was at capacity, both customers and staff were ecstatic, and the celebrations continued well into the night. When you look around on a moment like that, you realise there's no other job quite like it.

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