Julie Bishopp

Julie Bishopp

People Development Officer

5 Mar 2009

1 – Describe your role at Brains
I'm responsible for the training and development of both new managers joining Brains and supporting internal career progression through a number of training programs. I also devise internal training programs to drive our own standards such as Customer Service. Along with the day to day training we provide, I co-ordinate the Modern Apprenticeships which involve employees working through programs such as NVQ to help support their personal development.

2 – What do you enjoy most about your role?
I thoroughly enjoy working with others and get a true sense of satisfaction when I see people progress as a result of the work that I do. I work alongside some great people and one of the nicest things is that we are still a family run business so still have strong values of how we work together.

It's a great environment to work in. It’s fast paced and fun but truly rewarding!

3 – What attracted you to Brains?
I was managing a business that was bought by Brains so I was automatically transferred. At the time I was the Licensed Manager of The Pump House in Swansea. After continuing in this role for a while I had an opportunity to join the HR team as a Recruitment & Training Coach. I’m still here 6 years later and now hold the position of People Development Officer.

4 - Career history?
I have spent most of my career in Retail or Hospitality. I did have a brief stint working in a bank which I didn’t enjoy as it just wasn’t very exciting. When I was at college I got a part time job in another pub company and it was then that I got a taste for the pub trade.

My career progressed from a part time waitress to General Manager. Whilst there I continued my further education and completed my PGCE degree in Training and Education, which helped me progress to my role today

5 - How would you describe the Brains culture?
It’s dynamic, fast paced and hard work but mostly good fun!

6 - Best day at work?
Every day!

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