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  1. What is the difference between a managed house, a tenancy and a free house?

    Managed Houses - If you become a manager with us, you become an employee of SA Brain. This means you will be paid a salary to work in one of our pubs and will take this wage only. If this is what you would be interested, please click here

    Tenanted Houses - To run a pub in our leased and tenanted estate, you will benefit from the support of our team of Business Development Managers, Marketing support, Catering Advice, Credit Control, Customer Sales, Properties and Business Support. You are essentially sharing all business risks with Brains and we are here to support you.

    Free House - You are entirely responsible for your own business. It is difficult to obtain support from people without paying for their services. You also have an added responsibility of all property and business repairs. You will not have regular contact from a Business Development Manager and the risk is entirely your own.

  2. What is a Tenancy or Lease?

    Tenancies and Leases are commercial arrangements whereby a Pub Business, including the building and curtilage, is let to a party, whether it be an individual, limited company or partnership.

    The terms of the letting are incorporated into an agreement which includes details of trading arrangements, property repair responsibilities and other legal requirements for both parties.

    These arrangements provide the Tenant/Lessee with the freedom to run their own business, but retaining the additional support of an experienced pub operator and brewer.

  3. What happens to the staff when I take over?

    When you take over a tenancy the staff that are employed in the business transfer and are entitled to work for you under the same terms and conditions as the previous employer under the Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE). The outgoing tenant should provide you with all relevant details, including rates of pay, hours worked etc.

  4. What is the ‘Capital Required’ made up of?

    This is an estimate of the capital required to enable you to take the tenancy and run your business.

    It includes:

    • Trade Fixtures and Fittings

    • Security Bond

    • Stock and Glassware

    • One months rent in advance

    • Valuation fee

    • Working capital

    Capital requirements vary from as little as £10,000 to £70,000 dependant on the style of pub operation, existing inventory and the type of agreement. This will always be detailed on the letting details, which you can view by visiting our Current Vacancies

  5. Who values the Fixture and Fittings?

    You will need to employ an Independent Valuer who will do this on your behalf. We can supply names and addresses if you wish.

  6. Who will I see from the Company?

    Your main contacts will be your BDM who will call to discuss business issues with you on a regular basis. Other people visiting will include directors, technical services, beer quality executives, marketing and other support departments. To learn more about the team, please click here.

  7. How do I obtain a Personal Licence?

    The Licensing system has undergone some radical alterations and you must obtain your NCPLH qualification before you can run a pub. We also have a mandatory requirement that all of our applicants sit the PEAT course, which is a Pre-Entry Awareness Training course.

    More specific details on the NCPLH can be found by visiting the BII Website

  8. Do you offer Discounts?

    Yes. Details of which will be provided at second interview. We also have a Quarterly Offers Brochure exclusive to our leased and tenanted houses.

  9. What sort of income could I expect to generate?

    Providing a straightforward answer is very difficult because there are so many influencing factors, not least the performance of the business operator. However, completing a forecast profit & loss is one of the pre-requisites before a candidate can be considered for an S.A. Brain pub, and this should provide a reasonably accurate figure.

    You can calculate this by complete a Business Plan or Profit and Loss Spreadsheet