Two for One

Buy any two main meals and receive the least expensive meal free.


Soup of the day £2.99(V)
Served with half a baguette and butter

Beer & cheese croquettes £3.99 (V)
served with a tomato salsa dip

Salmon & chilli fishcake £4.49

With a sweet chilli sauce

Classic prawn cocktail £3.99

served with bread and butter

Cheesy garlic bread £1.99 V
With Welsh Cheddar

BBQ chicken wings £3.89

Served with BBQ sauce

Crunchy cheese pequitos £3.99(V)

Spicy chilli cheese balls in a crisp nacho coating

Served with tomato salsa


Chilli nachos £4.79
A plate full of tortilla chips topped with homemade Celtic Pride beef chilli GF or veggie bean chilli (V) and melted cheese, served with salsa and soured cream dips

Sharing combo £6.99
Southern fried chicken, cheesy nachos, scampi, wedges, onion rings and garlic bread. Served with salsa, BBQ sauce and soured cream

Vegetarian Combo £6.99 (V)

Garlic bread, onion rings, potato wedges, cheese pequitos, cheesy nachos & garlic mushrooms. Served with soured cream, BBQ sauce and salsa

Fishermans platter £6.99

Scampi, plaice goujons, popcorn shrimp, calamari rings, potato wedges, tartare sauce & salsa dip

Filled potato skins (gf)
Filled with cheese & onion, served with bbq sauce £3.99 V
Filled with bacon & cheese, served with bbq sauce £4.49

Filled with home-made beef chilli, served with soured cream £4.69

Filled Breads

Choose from a baguette or floured bap served with salad garnish

Add chips to any filled bread for 99p

Tuna mayonnaise £3.59

Pork sausage & fried onion £3.79

Prime sliced ham £3.49

BBQ Southern Fried chicken £3.99

Make any of the above a baguette melt for 50p

Welsh Cheddar cheese and pickle £3.49 V

Prawn & Marie Rose sauce £4.19

BLT £3.99

Chicken BLT £4.49

Sides all £1.79

Chips (GF V)

Garlic bread (V)

Onion rings

Side salad(GF V)

Baguette and butter (V)

Pepper sauce

Sauce Dianne

Stilton & mushroom sauce V GF

Jug of gravy

Seasonal vegetables (GF V)

Baked beans(GF V)

Pan-fried mushrooms(GF V)

Cheese, bacon & BBQ sauce topper(GF)

Pub Favourites (2 for 1)

We have suggested which potato choice goes with each meal but if you would prefer to change you can choose from chips, jacket or creamy mash

All day breakfast £9.99
Bacon, sausages, black pudding, tomato, eggs, mushrooms, beans and chips

Prime pork or vegetarian sausages (V) £8.49
Premium pork or vegetarian sausages served with creamy mash, peas and onion gravy

Homemade pie of the day £9.99

Served with peas, chips and gravy

Homemade curry of the day £9.99(GF)
Served with rice, chips and a poppadum. Please ask for today’s choices

Our own beer-battered fish and chips £10.99
Served with chips, peas, lemon and tartare sauce

Homemade Celtic Pride beef chilli or veggie bean chilli (V) £9.99
Served with rice and tortilla chips

Pork chop £9.99
Served with creamy mash, peas & onion gravy

Taverner’s chicken £11.49 (GF)
Breast of chicken and bacon smothered in BBQ sauce, topped with melted cheese and served with chips, peas and salad garnish

Wholetail scampi £10.49
Served with chips, peas, salad garnish, lemon and tartare sauce

Chicken in a creamy garlic mushroom sauce £10.99

Served with chips and peas

Ham, egg and chips £8.99 (GF)
Prime ham, a brace of fried or poached eggs and chips

Smoked haddock Florentine £14.99

Natural smoked haddock, spinach and cheese sauce served with chips & peas, or a dressed salad

Pasta, Salads and Vegetarian (2 for 1)

Homemade Beef lasagne £11.49
The traditional Italian favourite made with Celtic Pride beef and served with dressed salad or chips Macaroni cheese £9.99 (V)
Served with dressed salad or chips

Macaroni cheese with chicken £11.99
With grilled chicken, served with dressed salad or chips

Meatballs & pasta £11.99

Pork meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, with pasta, served with either salad or garlic bread

Vegetarian lasagne £11.49 (V)
Served with dressed salad or chips

Vegetarian dish of the day £11.49 (V)
See blackboard or ask your server for details

Spinach and lentil burger£9.99 (V)

Served in a floured bun with chips & a salad garnish

Chicken, bacon & stilton salad £10.99

Served with a dressing of your choice

Prawn salad £10.99 (GF)

A house salad with prawns, sweet chilli sauce and fresh lemon

Butternut squash and blue cheese quiche salad £11.99 (V)

An individual butternut squash, caramelised onion and blue cheese quiche, with a dressed house salad

Portobello mushroom & goat’s cheese papardelle £10.99 (V)

Served with dressed house salad

Asparagus & pea linguini £11.49(V)

Linguini pasta with asparagus and garden peas, served with a dressed house salad

Grills (2 for 1)

Rump steak £13.99 (GF)
Succulent rump steak served with chips, peas and half a grilled tomato

Sirloin steak £15.49 (GF)
Prime sirloin steak served with chips, peas and half a grilled tomato

Mixed grill £16.99
Steak, gammon, sausage, chicken and black pudding all served with chips, peas, fried egg and half a grilled tomato

Surf ‘n’ turf £15.99
Prime rump steak topped with breaded scampi and served with chips, peas and half a grilled tomato

Steak New Yorker £15.99
Prime rump steak topped with onion rings, BBQ sauce and melted Welsh Cheddar. Served with chips, peas and half a grilled tomato

Rack of pork ribs £15.99 (GF)
In a sticky BBQ sauce and served with peas and chips

Chicken & Ribs £16.99 (GF)

Half a roast chicken and half a rack of ribs served with BBQ sauce, chips and peas.

Gammon steak with pineapple £10.99(GF)
Served with chips and peas

Swop your pineapple for a fried or poached egg

Honey & rosemary marinated lamb steak £13.49

Served with chips, peas and half a grilled tomato

Half roast chicken £10.99(GF)
Served with a choice of mash or chips with peas and gravy or ketchup

Cheese and bacon burger £10.49

Served in a floured bun with chips and salad garnish

Mexican beef burger £10.99

Topped with our own beef chilli, corn chips & soured cream.

Served with chips and salad garnish

Cajun chicken burger £10.49

Served in a floured bun with chips and salad garnish

Burger stack £13.99

Choose any two burgers from beef or chicken

Served in a floured bun with chips and salad garnish

Combo burger stack£13.99

Not for the faint hearted! A Celtic Pride beef burger and a whole chicken breast with BBQ sauce.

Served in a floured bun with chips and a salad garnish

Sunday Roast (2 for 1)

Our great value TWO for ONE offer includes Sunday roast too!

Your choice of our great roasted meats served with seasonal vegetables and rich gravy £12.99

Puddings all £3.29

Chocolate & orange brownie with orange ice cream (GF)

All desserts below served with ice cream, cream or custard

Jammy sponge pudding V

Honeycomb cheesecake V

Big chocolate fudge cake V

Sticky toffee pudding (V)

Fruit crumble – see server for today’s choice (GF)

Ice creams and Sundaes

Selection of ice cream £2.99 (GF)

Ice cream bombe – White chocolate ice cream with a raspberry centre £3.99 V GF

Sharing ice cream sundae £4.49
Choose from chocoholic, sticky toffee waffle or strawberry Eton Mess

Kids’ Menu

Mains all £3.49

Macaroni cheese and garlic bread V

Beef lasagne and garlic bread

Spicy beef chilli and rice

Meatballs in tomato sauce with pasta

All of the below served with mash, chips or salad, and peas or baked beans

Sausage and gravy

Veggie sausage and gravy V

Beef Burger in a bun

Chicken goujons

Ham & egg (GF)

Cheese and tomato pizza (V)

Breaded scampi

Chicken breast in creamy garlic mushroom sauce

Children’s Sunday roast £3.99

Treats £1

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauce (GF V)

Profiteroles (V)

Fruit crumble & custard (GF)

All items are subject to availability. Approximate weights shown are prior to cooking. Some products may contain nuts or nut oils. Dishes marked with a V do not contain meat or fish. Dishes marked GF do not contain gluten, however, they are prepared in a kitchen that uses other products that contain gluten. Customers that have an intolerance should notify a member of staff upon ordering. Fish and poultry dishes may contain bones. Photographs are for illustrative purposes only.

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