Punch House Menu

Brunch – served all day

Granola porridge with berry compote & natural yoghurt £2.25
Freshly baked croissant with apricot conserve (V) £1.95

Toasted bread with handmade jam & honey (V) £1.95

Toast & croissant tin with butter & apricot jam (V) £2.95

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon or prosciutto £5.95

American pancake stack with bacon & maple syrup £4.25
American pancakes with berries, yoghurt & honey (V) £4.25

Full Punch House breakfast served with toasted bread £5.95

Vegetarian Punch House breakfast served with toasted bread (V) £5.95

Breakfast club sandwich £5.75

Grilled bacon sour dough bread £3.95

White sour dough filled bread – served with fries or salad all £5.95

Egg mayonnaise & watercress (V)
Warm BBQ pulled pork & Cheddar
Prawns in Bloody Mary sauce & watercress
Hand-carved ham & piccalilli

Tomato & olive foccacia - served with side salad or fries all £5.95

Torn cured meats, mixed leaf & mustard mayo
Chicken with spiced pear chutney
Mozzarella, ratatouille chutney & baby spinach (V)
Collier’s Cheddar, onion marmalade & rocket (V)

Pitta bread - served with fries or salad all £5.95

Lamb kofta salad & minted yogurt

Hummus, falafel & fresh tomato (V)

Harissa chicken, soured cream & baby spinach

Feta cheese, mixed leaves & roast vegetables (V)

All the above sandwiches are available in all bread options, with fries, side salad or
a mug of our homemade soup

Salad bowls

House salad simply dressed with beetroot & thyme dressing £3.95

With king prawn skewers £6.95

With cured meats & shards of parmesan £6.50

Smoked chicken & orange salad £7.95
Hand-carved ham with poached free range egg £6.50
Warm BBQ pulled pork salad £7.50

Homemade soup with warm sour dough £3.95

Ask one of the team for today’s choice

Breads, oils & olives (V) £3.50

Finest olive oil, extra virgin rapeseed oil & balsamic vinegar,
mixed olives & a selection of fresh breads to dip

– served in a brioche bun with fries & dressed side salad

House classic burger £7.25
Prime steak seasoned with Halen Môn sea salt & cracked black pepper, topped with dill pickle
Dragon’s Breath burger £8.25
Classic burger topped with bacon & Dragon’s Breath cheese, made with our own ale &
sliced red roquitos
Spiced chicken breast burger topped with mozzarella & pesto £7.95
Spinach & lentil burger with ratatouille pickle (V) £6.95
Wild boar & chorizo burger £7.95
Homemade rump steak burger, spiced pear chutney & smoked cheese £9.95

Punch House Favourites

Calves’ liver, roast root mash & green vegetables £8.95
Homemade fish pie with Collier’s Cheddar & green vegetables £8.95
Hazelnut, spinach & mushroom pie, roast root vegetables & onion gravy (V) £7.95
Spiced chicken & almond tagine with cous cous £9.50

each £2.95 / 3 for £7.50
Take a look at our blackboards for the current selection 6 for £14.40 / 10 for £22.50

Add a dressed house salad for £2.95

Antipasto sharing platters

Meat plate board £6.95 / £11.50
Selection of cured meats, Dragon’s Breath cheese, mixed olives,
sunblush baby plum tomatoes, roast artichoke hearts, roasted red
peppers, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar & bread

Vegetarian plate board (V) £6.95 / £11.50
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, Feta cheese, mixed olives,
sunblush baby plum tomatoes, mixed leaves, extra virgin olive oil,
balsamic vinegar & bread

Cheese board (V) £7.45
A selection of Welsh & continental cheeses served with apricot chutney,
caramelised walnuts, sweet mustard pickle & bread

Nachos (V) £4.75 / £5.95
With Cheddar, guacamole, soured cream, tomato salsa, roasted red
peppers, sliced red hot roquito peppers & fresh coriander

Pulled pork nachos £5.75 / £7.75
Our famous nacho plate, topped with BBQ pulled pork


Fries (V) £1.95

New potatoes (V) £1.95

Green vegetables (V) £1.95

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables (V) £1.95

Fresh bread (V) £1.95

Sunblush tomato garlic bread (V) £1.95


Ask for our desserts clipboard to see today’s selection of lovely puddings!

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