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The Early Riser Breakfasts!

Butties £2.49
Choose from bacon, pork sausage or veggie sausage.

Stretch your butty to a Belt Buster (more filling) for 99p
or why not add a fried egg for an extra 50p
Have the lot, that's sausage, bacon and egg butty £3.98

The breakfast £5.29
Bacon, sausage, beans, potato waffles, mushrooms, grilled tomato, fried egg and toast with butter.
Turn your standard breakfast into a Hangover Cure for an extra £1

Hangover cure breakfast £6.29
Three bacon, Three sausages, Two potato waffles, mushrooms, grilled tomato, two fried eggs, beans, fries and toast with butter.

Topped toast £2.49
Two rounds of toast topped with either melted cheese or baked beans.
Add a fried egg for 50p

The veggie breakfast £4.99
Veggies sausage, beans, potato waffles, mushroom, grilled tomato, fried egg and toast with butter.
Turn your standard Veggie breakfast into a Veggie Hangover Cure for only £1

Hangover cure veggie breakfast £5.99
Three veggie sausages, two potato waffles, mushrooms, grilled tomato, two fried eggs, beans, fries and toast with butter.

Aussie Breakfast £6.99
Simply steak and eggs

Add a tea or coffee to any early Riser for 59p

Hulk Burger £18.95

Three of our prime 10oz gourmet steak burger patties, each topped with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce in a jumbo roll with a pile of fries.

Take down the Hulk, and follow it with a Super Sundae, and we’ll give you a free t-shirt.

Note – calories in excess of 4,500! You have been warned!

No sharing • No hiding food • No illness • All food must be finished within one hour

Boom! Burgers

10oz gourmet steak burger £6.99
Celtic Pride steak burger with Halen Môn sea salt in a jumbo roll. Served with a pile of fries and a steak knife.

All burgers below are served in a floured bun with skinny fries.
Double up any of the burgers below for £1.49
Upgrade your skinny fries to wedges for 50p

6oz Celtic Pride beef burger £4.79
Plain and simple.

Mexican burger £4.99
6oz Celtic pride beef burger topped with corn chips guacamole salsa and soured cream.

Beef Chilli Burger £4.99
6oz Celtic pride beef burger topped with our own beef chilli

Cajun chicken burger £4.99
Prime chicken breast in aromatic spices.

Cajun blackbean and sweetcorn £4.59
A delicious spicy blackbean and sweetcorn burger.

Need something to get you started?
Take a look at our ‘Build your own’ section!

Caped Classics

Ma’s Macaroni Cheese £5.29
Homemade and lots of it, topped with cheese, breadcrumbs and baked to perfection.
Add a couple of slices of grilled bacon for £1 or chicken for £1.50.

Mighty ‘big’ lasagne £5.99
Homemade beef or veggie lasagne served with fries and salad garnish.
Add garlic bread £1.29

Bangers and Mash £4.79
Pork or veggie sausages on a bed of creamy mash and served with peas AND onion gravy.

Scampi and fries £5.89
Breaded scampi served with skinny fries, peas and tartare sauce.

Taverner’s chicken £5.99
Chicken breast topped with crispy bacon, BBQ sauce and melted cheese. Served with skinny fries and peas.

Fish and fries £6.29
Beer battered cod served with skinny fries peas and tartare sauce.

Sweet chilli chicken salad £5.29
Grilled chicken breast and grilled bacon on a house salad with sweet chilli dressing.

Nacho Pequitos salad £5.29
Nacho pequitos peppers on a house salad, with a sweet chilli dressing.


The incredible mixed grill £15.99
Half a roast chicken, 8oz gammon steak, two sausages, rump steak, grilled whole tomato, two fried eggs, a pile of fries and onion rings. Not for the faint hearted!

Rump Steak £7.99
Double up for £3.99

8oz Gammon £5.99
Make it a pair for £2.49
Add an egg or pineapple for 50p

Surf and turf £9.49
Rump steak topped with plaice goujons .

Half Roast Chicken £5.99
Served plain or exciting - Cajun, Piri Piri or BBQ. With skinny fries and peas.
Hungry? Double up your half chicken to a whole one for an extra £3.99

All steaks come with peas onion rings, a whole grilled tomato and skinny fries.

Top Dogs

Famous footlong hot dogs

Served plain OR with cheese and beans OR our own homemade beef chilli. All served with skinny fries.

Plain - ask if you want fried onions! £4.69

Our own home-made chilli £5.69
Add cheese for 50p

Cheddar cheese and beans £5.29

Mexican Dog £5.49
Nachos, cheese, sliced hot roquito peppers and soured cream - awesome!

Buckets of Bravery

Get stuffed alone or share with your mates it’s up to you!

Each bucket comes with three dips – choose from BBQ, sweet chilli, mayo, garlic mayo, Piri Piri, soured cream or guacamole

Fries and dips bucket £3.99
A huge pile of crispy skinny fries with dips.

Veggie bucket £5.79
Field mushroom dippers, veggie sausage slices, nacho pequitos peppers, skinny fries and dips.

Cajun Bucket £3.99
A pile of spicy Cajun wedges and dips!

Southern Fried chicken bucket £5.99
Boneless Southern fried chicken goujons skinny fries and your choice of dips.

The big bucket £9.99
Not one but two brimming buckets including ... spicy nacho pequitos peppers, plaice goujons, Southern Fried chicken goujons, field mushroom dippers, onion rings, cheesy garlic bread, skinny fries and dips.

Hot House

Homemade three alarm chilli £5.99
Served with rice and nachos.

Vegetarian chilli £5.99
Served with rice and nachos.

Chicken or roast vegetable curry £6.99
Choose one of three delicious flavours. Served with naan bread and half ‘n’ half.

Authentic Thai curry - green or red, just check!
Middle of the Raod - For those a bit more savvy!
Killer! - with fresh chillies

Spice it up to four or even five alarm with our blazing hot Jabanero sauce!

Monday Curry Madness!
Any curry and a drink for just £5.99 every Monday from 6pm!
Choose a pint of Foster’s, Brains Smooth or Brains Bitter, draught Coca-Cola or lemonade or a 175ml glass of house wine.

Sidekicks £1.25 each

Pan-fried mushrooms
Skinny fries
Pepper sauce
Onion rings
Garlic bread
Cheesy garlic bread
Sside salad
A brace of fried eggs
Taverner’s topping (that’s BBQ sauce, crispy bacon and melted cheese if you’re not in the know.)

Superhero Sarnies

Choose from crusty baguette, sliced white or malted bloomer.
Our sarnies come without butter - but if you want some just ask!

A good old chip butty £2.29
With loads of tomato ketchup and mayonnaise.

All the below are served with skinny fries or side salad.

Cheese and red onion £3.49

Southern Fried chicken melt £4.49
Served with BBQ or piri piri sauce.

Tuna and mayo £3.69
Make it a melt for 50p

The BLT , CLT or FLT £4.29
That’s bacon, chicken or plaice goujons!

Steak and onion rings £5.99

Ultimate club sandwich £6.59
Chicken, bacon, cheese, fried egg, lettuce, tomato and mayo – phew!

MEGA club sandwich £7.59
Right here we go - chicken, bacon, onion rings, plaice goujons, tomato, lettuce, mayo, sliced roquitos, monster munch and an egg. You know you want to!

Jackets of Justice

Cheese and beans £3.49

BBQ chicken melt £4.59

Piri Piri chicken melt £4.59

Tuna and mayo £3.79

Homemade chilli £4.29

vegetarian chilli £4.29

Build your Own

Nachos, Wedges or Pizza

Step 1 - Choose your base

Nachos topped with cheese £2.29

Supersized nachos to share! £3.29

A big bowl of spicy potato wedges £2.29

Supersized wedges to share! £3.29

Cheese and tomato pizza £3.59

Step 2 - Choose your toppings at 79p each

Crispy bacon
BBQ sauce
Onion rings
Sour cream
Tomato salsa
Piri Piri sauce
Sweet chilli sauce
Cajun chicken
Roquito hot and sweet chillies
Homemade chilli
Vegetarian chilli (Please note this is not homemade.)
Garlic mayo
Red onion

Dastardly Desserts

Fruit crumble £2.79
Served with vanilla ice cream or custard.

Sticky toffee pudding £2.79
Served with vanilla ice cream or custard.

Ultimate chocolate cake £2.79
Served with vanilla ice cream or custard.

Tuck shop ice cream cake £2.99
Frozen, chewy, wonderful!

Warm waffles, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup £2.99

Super Sharing sundaes £5.49
The spec iality of the house...
A huge glass full of mounds of ice cream and a few surprises! Check out today's special!
It’s got to be done, especially if you’ve just taken down The Hulk!

or just keep it simple...

Vanilla ice cream £2.29
With chocolate, strawberry or toffee sauce!

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