Big Night Out

This Friday 4th December Brains pubs across Cardiff will be celebrating Wales’s first ever ‘Big Night Out’ – organised by The Joshua Foundation.

Joshua Cornelius would have turned 18 this year and 56 Brains pubs have agreed to take part in the event, which will take place on the 11th anniversary of his death. Since then his mother, Sarah Cornelius, has raised more than £5m for children with cancer in his memory.

Sarah Cornelius, Founder and chief executive of The Joshua Foundation said, "I really wanted to mark the fact that Joshua would have turned 18 this year with an appropriate fundraising event".

"I am delighted that so many of the Brains pubs across Cardiff have agreed to support our pledge to raise money for children with terminal cancer, and I hope all the pub-goers in Cardiff on Friday 4th December will help us raise their glass to Joshua by donating a pound".

The pubs will be asking everyone who enters their premises on the night to donate £1 towards The Joshua Foundation – a charity that provides life experiences to children with terminal cancer.

Sally Davies, Retail Area Manager said "We were really keen to support a local charity so when The Joshua Foundation approached us with the idea of the Big Night out we jumped at the chance to be on board".

Monies raised on the night will go towards funding the charity’s annual trip to Lapland on 11 December, for three families with children diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The Joshua Foundation was created in September 1998 to provide holidays and experiences for children and their families where the child is diagnosed with terminal cancer.