Cardiff Pub Manager Celebrates 30 Years

When Carol Robins started out behind the bar a pint of beer cost 30p – but then that was 30 years ago!

Carol joined Welsh pub operator S.A Brain and Co Ltd in October 1980 when she was 34 years of age. She began her career as barmaid at the Merrie Harrier in Penarth, but moved to the Clifton as manager two years later with her husband Ray. They ran the pub together, until Ray passed away 11 years ago.

Carol said: "I never imagined I’d still be here three decades later. The pub has become my home, and the customers are more like friends. I’ve had a fantastic career so far and if I had my time over again I wouldn’t change a thing."

Peter Wilson, Head of Retail Operations at Brains, was on hand to present her with flowers, Champagne and a voucher for a special weekend away. He said: "Three decades in the same pub is a fantastic achievement and makes Carol our longest serving manager. The Clifton is a very popular and successfully run community pub and we are delighted that Carol has been at its heart for such a long time."