Tomorrow (15th March) we're set to cycle casks of SA through Cardiff city centre, ensuring no Brains pub runs dry on match day.

We've turned a baker’s bike into a brewer’s bike, featuring a specially adapted cask rack. The bike embarked on a ‘trial run’ yesterday, but will take to the city centre streets tomorrow, ahead of Wales v Scotland.

Bill Dobson, head brewer at Brains, said: "The Six Nations is bigger for us than Christmas and some of our pubs sell a week’s worth of beer in one match day alone. Because a pint of Brains and a visit to a Brains pub have always gone hand in hand with international rugby in Wales, we’d hate to disappoint fans by running short of Wales’ best loved beer.

"The Brains SOS bike will be on standby on Saturday for pubs who need an emergency beer order – the perfect match day solution!"

Jon Adams, manager at the Yard, said: "Match day is incredibly busy so it’s great the brewery is putting on these SOS deliveries to keep us in supply of SA."

Bill took the Brains SOS bike on a ‘trial run’ yesterday (13th March) and will be on call to make deliveries on Saturday, adding "Fans can track the progress of the bike on Twitter by following the hashtag #BeerSOS".