Try Essai

A French ban on alcohol advertising might be viewed as a problem for your average alcohol brand. But not if you’re a ‘positive thinking’ beer brand and view it very much as an opportunity.

As shirt sponsor and official ale of the Welsh Rugby Union, Welsh brewer SA Brain a Co Ltd is well practiced in addressing France’s ban on advertising alcohol.

Brains has been sponsoring the Welsh team for the last four and a half years and in 2005 they neatly swapped ‘Brains’ for ‘Brawn’ and in 2007, to firmly establish the ‘Brawn’ idea in rugby fans minds, the shirts carried ‘Brawn Again.’

Try Essai poster

This time around they have hit upon another novel alternative that will ensure the Welsh beer brand isn’t overlooked when Wales play France on 27th February. The new ‘Try Essai’ branding is a reference to the ‘Brains SA’ branding on the current home shirt. While essai translates as try in French, spoken aloud it is intended to be mistaken for an invitation to ‘Try’ Wales’ best loved beer brand SA.

Richard Davies, Sales and Marketing Director at Brains explains: "This is the third time we’ve been presented with a shirt change for the French game, which we’ve always seen as an opportunity rather than a problem. We knew we had to do something different this year but that we still had to have fun with it. We believe ‘Try Essai’ is our best link back to our main brand, SA. It also helps carry the message that a Welsh rugby international is simply not complete without a pint of SA."