Tax Parity Day

CoinsJoin us to support your local for tax parity day on 25th September.

For one day we will be cutting our prices in our managed pubs by 7.5% to promote the benefits of lowering VAT in the UK's hospitality business.

The day is to highlight that the hospitality sector is charged 20% VAT on all sales whereas supermarkets pay virtually no VAT on food sales. Prices will be reduced by 7.5% to represent the amount prices would fall and savings customers would make if VAT was cut to 5%.

Headed up by Jaques Borel, the campaign aims to create jobs and stimulate growth in the hospitality industry.

He said "Our aim is to secure a more equal tax treatment for food sold through pubs, restaurants and food service operators, compared to supermarkets, which benefit from a zero VAT rate.

"We are calling on supporters of the campaign to reduce their prices by 7.5 per cent for one day.

"This is the amount by which we believe that prices would fall if VAT were cut to five per cent, on the assumption that 60 per cent of any reduction would be passed onto the customer in lower prices."

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Join us on 25th September to enjoy 7.5% off the price of your food and drinks* and to show your support!

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