Brains hits £1m sales with Tesco

S.A Brain and Co Ltd celebrates hitting £1 million sales with Tesco.

S.A Brain and Co Ltd first started trading in 2008 with Tesco in its heartland of Wales where a partnership was forged with the regional sourcing team of Mark Grant and Enfys Fox. Brains quickly established itself as a key regional supplier which it was rewarded for in 2012 with an award for ‘Best Regional Supplier’.

Paul Harvey, Head of Multiple Retail Groups said: "Our regional sales performance gave us a platform to drive sales nationally and Tesco the confidence in our brands. Our partnership is going from strength to strength as we work with Tesco to deliver variety to consumers in an expanding beer market."

In 2012 when Tesco identified the opportunity in bottled stouts, Brains was one of a select few companies asked to produce an exclusive stout. The result was Brains Original Stout which is available nationally.

The most recent national listing with Tesco was for ‘Barry Island IPA’, a beer from the Brains Craft Brewery. Brains Craft Brewery is delivering new beers to the market to meet the changing taste preferences of the beer consumer.

Mark Grant, Tesco local sourcing buyer for Wales said: "It is great to see Brains establishing a solid trading base in its heartland and then delivering its brands on a national level. The £1m sales is a great achievement and shows that they are committed to a partnership with Tesco."