Dragon - A Welsh Pale Ale

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The latest beer from our new craft brewery is being launched at the Celt Beer Academy Festival from Friday 17th to Saturday 18th August, at Caerphilly Rugby Club.

Dragon is a 3.9% ABV pale ale crafted in a traditional Welsh style. Brewed with Premium pale ale malts and a blend of Challenger and First Gold hops, Dragon has hints of fruit and spice and a mild bitter finish.

Local Beer Sommelier Tom Newman said, "A number of Welsh Brewers are joining together with the Beer Academy to produce and merit a unified Welsh Pale Ale style at this fantastic new festival. The Welsh Pale ale harks back some 150 years and the idea of the festival is to celebrate and unify this unrecognised category. The success of the idea has brought over 15 Welsh brewers together to compete for champion Welsh Pale, which will be judged by a beer Academy led panel".

Dragon is Brains’ entry in the new category competition, and the winner will be judged on Friday.

Head brewer Bill Dobson said, "Dragon is our version of the Welsh Pale Ale representing Welsh Brewers working together in our recognition and celebration of the historical beer styles of Wales and their history – it is these styles of beer on which Brains was built".

Beer writer Melissa Cole who has helped Tom and AWIB bring the category together added, "It's always exciting and inspiring to see brewers grasp the roots of their local brewing history and I very much look forward to seeing and tasting the different interpretations that will be available within the guidelines. Some people think defining styles is like putting handcuffs on brewers, but in my experience it can bring out the both the scientist and the alchemist in them to produce something truly lip-smacking".

Dragon will also be available in all craft brewery cask houses across Wales, view the full list here: