The Cottage Menu

Take advantage of our two great main meals for £9.99 offer – look out for the 2for9.99 sign!


Homemade soup £4.25
Served with sour dough

Spicy homemade wedges (V) £4.50
Hot & spicy potato wedges with or without Welsh bacon, topped with melted Welsh Cheddar, sour cream and fresh salsa

Smoked haddock & spring onion fishcake £3.95
Served with lemon mayonnaise

Welsh rarebit topped with poached egg (V) £4.95


Ham or cheese (V) ploughman’s lunch £6.25 2for9.99

Prawn & Marie Rose salad £6.95

Welsh goat’s cheese & honey salad (V) £7.95

Ploughman’s lunch (V) £6.95
With Welsh cheese & leek quiche

Chicken & bacon salad £6.95


Served as doorstep on malted bloomer or on sour dough baguette with chips

Ham, Cheddar & piccalilli £5.45

Chicken, bacon & tomato £5.45

Prawn & Marie Rose sauce £5.85

Brie & bacon £5.45

Cheddar & tomato chutney (V) £4.95

Club sandwich £6.95
Served on toasted bloomer with chips.
Choose from:
- Chicken, bacon, Welsh Cheddar, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise
- Mushrooms, Welsh cheddar, fried or poached egg, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise (V)

A mug of homemade soup with any sandwich £1.50


Freshly baked jacket potatoes served with side salad

Welsh Cheddar & beans (V) £3.95

Ham & cheese £4.25

Tuna mayonnaise £3.95

Prawn & Marie Rose sauce £4.95


Welsh beef burger £6.95 2for9.99
Served with chips and spicy slaw

Cajun chicken burger £6.95 2for9.99
Served with spicy salsa, sour cream and chips

Cajun bean burger (V) £6.95 2for9.99
Served with chips and sour cream

Wild boar & chorizo burger £7.95


Corned beef hash £6.25
With baked beans and fried egg

Homemade pie of the day £6.75
See board for today’s choice

Homemade lamb cawl £6.45
Served with sour dough and mature Cheddar

Homemade curry of the day £6.75
See board for today’s choice

Scampi £6.95 2for9.99
Served with chips, peas, tartare sauce and salad

All day breakfast £5.99
Grilled bacon, pork sausages, plum tomato, pan fried mushrooms, black pudding, baked beans, hash brown, fried egg and chips

Hand cut ham with chips and fried egg £6.25 2for9.99

Bangers and mash £6.95 2for9.99
Served on creamy mash with caramelised onions and gravy

Haddock and chips £7.95
Haddock fillet in our own Brains beer batter, served with chips, house salad and chunk of lemon


Gammon steak £7.25
Served with fried eggs, chips and salad

Blackened Cajun chicken breast £6.95 2for9.99
Served with chips, spicy salsa and sour cream

Chicken Provençal £7.95
Served with peas and chips

Taverner’s chicken £6.95
Chicken breast topped with BBQ sauce, bacon and mature Cheddar, served with chips

Mixed grill £12.95
Served with chips, button mushrooms and tomato


Served all day every Sunday - £6.95


Garlic bread £1.75

Bread & butter 99p

Cheesy garlic bread £2.25

Onion rings £1.75

Side salad £1.50

Chips £1.75


Mario’s ice cream, just on its own £3.50
We are proud to offer Mario’s third generation Italian ice cream made in Wales from local ingredients

Sticky toffee pudding £3.95
Served with cream, custard or ice cream

Knickerbocker Glory £3.95
Vanilla & strawberry ice creams with fresh fruit, strawberry sauce and cream

Apple & raspberry sponge pudding £4.25
Served with vanilla ice cream or custard

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All items are subject to availability. Approximate weights shown are prior to cooking. Some products may contain nuts or nut oils. Fish may contain bones. Olives may contain stones. Dishes marked with (V) do not contain meat or fish. Dishes marked GF do not contain gluten, however they have been prepared in a kitchen that uses other products that contain gluten. Customers that have an intolerance should notify a member of staff on ordering.

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