The Beginning

Samuel Arthur Brain was already well established in the beer business in Cardiff. He trained as a brewer and rose to be the manager of Dowson Brothers' Phoenix Brewery in Working Street. His Uncle, Joseph Benjamin Brain, was a formidable financial figure who had rescued the grand West of England Bank when it collapsed in 1878. They entered into a partnership in 1882 to buy the Old Brewery.

When the Brains took over the Old Brewery it was little more than a three-storey stone building behind the Albert Pub on St. Mary Street. They had had much bigger ambitions.

At first they added another site, by snapping up Watson's Cambrian Brewery in Womanby Street in 1885. But is was when they were able to buy the land alongside the Old Brewery that they were really able to expand in 1887.

More than 125 years later and Brains has become the toast of a nation.