In 2007, Brains became a signatory to the May Day commitment to reduce the business impact on climate change, coordinated by ‘Business in the Community’.

The commitment is to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of business activity in four areas:

  • Company
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers


A board champion was appointed in 2007 who assembled a cross-functional team of senior managers to identify the opportunities and challenges across the total Brains operation.The cost of utilities such as electricity, oil, gas and water were all escalating in 2007 so a commercial imperative existed to identify, measure and control these in addition to the environmental concerns.

As a result of the initiatives taken during 2008 in the priority areas of managed houses, production and head office, an initial measurement of the carbon footprint with guidance from The Carbon Trust showed a significant reduction from the 2007 level.

This remains a long term project for which robust measurement will be a key challenge and only when a reliable trend of data becomes available, will figures be published widely.


At the end of 2007, all employees were asked to suggest ‘New Year Resolutions’ for Brains to adopt in order to reduce business impact on climate change.

Clear opportunities were identified by 20 employees who also volunteered to form a group of ‘champions’ to implement the ideas. Twenty ideas from twenty people gave rise to the theme 2020 vision, which included a long term date and the term vision which helped the common sense element of what everyone could do to help, summarised as:

In 2008 the employee champions devised and implemented a company wide office recycling mechanism in liaison with local authorities and communicated monthly initiatives on measurements, achievements and tips for best practice.